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Being detained or imprisoned in Dallas, Texas, can be a humiliating experience. But at times, events occur that put you behind bars. While it is a legal proceeding, everyone has the right to apply for bail, unless the charges are proved. We are able to provide 24hr Dallas Bail bond services, when it may be needed.

Unfortunately, many people do not have the finances available to pay bail in full. It’s an expensive proposition that requires the professional help of bail bonds in Dallas, Texas. Our bail bondsman at Liberty Bail Bonds is here to help if you do not have enough cash to pay for your freedom for the time being.


24hr Dallas Bail Bond Services protects detainee’s freedom

The primary goal of a bail bonds firm is to provide the court with a guarantee for the accused. This bond protects the detainee’s freedom and guarantees that the accused will appear for any hearing or trial on time. Typically, the cost of this surety is set at 10% of the total bail amount. If the court decides the bail at $30 000, the accused needs to pay $3,000 to the bail bond firm. The defendants will also be required to sign over a lien on the collateral to the company. A reputable and trustworthy bail bonds Dallas, Texas, will not ask for additional taxes or hidden fees.

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Dallas Bail bondsmen represent clients in the court

The bail bondsmen work with the clients and represent them in court. In addition to discussing things with the clients, they also settle any risks involved. They complete the paperwork necessary for the accused’s acquittal by reviewing all the circumstances. These are some common responsibilities of the bail bondsman. The defendant has certain obligations too towards the bail bond firm and the court. Defendants must provide all the information relevant to their prosecutions, including valuable personal information, asset information, and specifics about their detention. He must appear in court on a specific date and time.

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An accredited and licensed Dallas bail bonds company

Imprisonment is unpredictable. And securing bail is often expensive. On top of this, searching for a dependable bondsman in Dallas, Texas, is a nerve-wracking experience. One must have enough funds to afford bail for loved ones. An accredited and licensed bail bonds Dallas, Texas, such as Liberty Bail Bonds employs professional bondsmen to offer financial help to get you and your loved ones out of this challenging situation.

Liberty Bail Bonds is well-established and dependable in Dallas, Texas

Are you being investigated for a serious crime? Have you been falsely accused, or have the authorities misunderstood you? In any case, you must prove your innocence to the court. And for this, You need first to collect proof to prove your innocence. That is why it is essential to post bail and get out of jail. At Liberty Bail Bonds Dallas, Texas, is a well-established and dependable company with several years of experience.

Hire our specialist bail bondsman in Dallas, Texas, for various reasons, including DUI or DWI cases, traffic violations, misdemeanors, felony murders, and non-arrest bails.