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Bail bonds are used to obtain the release of persons detained in the custody of law enforcement officials before conviction. A bail bond may also be used to clear warrants for cases in which an arrest warrant was been issued and bail is required to clear the warrant.

Our mission is to gain release from jail for our clients in the shortest time possible, to notify our clients of their court dates promptly, and to assist with any questions regarding bonding information. We will always remember that our clients are innocent until proven guilty and that they deserve to be treated with courtesy and dignity.

How Bail Bonds Work

If an individual does not have cash or property sufficient to cover the face amount of bail, they can use the services of a bail agent or “bondsman” through Liberty Bail Bonds. The bail agent agrees to secure the release of the accused individual in return for a negotiated fee of the face amount of the bail. Once the fee has been negotiated and the arrested individual or co-signor agrees to take responsibility for the face amount of the bail bond, the bail agent delivers the bond to the jail and the arrested individual is released from custody. If you have additional questions, please visit our Bail Bonds FAQ for more helpful information!

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