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As you can imagine, the Tarrant County police are extremely alert. Liberty Bail Bonds is on your side if you have been detained in Hurst, TX. Our business location is in Haltom City, TX but we provide Hurst Bail Bond services and other nearby cities. Since 1998, we have made sure that your loved ones can receive a quick bail bond and be released from jail.

We are distinctively placed near the Tarrant County Prison to supply assistance and support to individuals implicated in a criminal offense along with the hired ones who are attempting to get them out. The prison’s existence draws in a lot of dishonest professionals, both legal and bail bond focused, who are simply in it for your cash and not your wellness.

Our Hurst Bail Bonds services represent you

At Liberty Bail Bonds, we run with a holistic approach. We understand great choices aren’t made from inside a holding cell, so we battle to get you out quickly. Some of you will be guilty. And unfortunately, numerous of you who are innocent will end up pleading guilty anyhow to a lower charge. You’ll do this due to the fact that of the implications an arrest can bring to your life.

You believe pleading guilty to a lower offense will speed up your release, this may be true. Once released you’ll then get on with your life and able to put it behind you permanently, more then likely this is not true. Since the hearing date looms, so does the penalty you will deal with. Each time you have a task interview in the future, you’ll have to stress about it turning up in a criminal background check.

Are You Combating for Custody?

You understand your soon-to-be-ex will have the ability to utilize this versus you in the occurring court action. She or he might even have the ability to get complete custody without any or restricted visitation. These are simply a few of the methods pleading guilty to a lower offense can bring fallout long after a judge passes a sentence. Now, let’s take a look at what we can in fact do to assist your scenario. If you have actually been jailed in Tarrant County, Liberty Bail Bonds is on your side!

What is Bond vs bail?

When it comes to bail bonds the difference between bond and bail is the amount that is required for release. The amount varies depending on the offense. In most cases, it is 10% of the total bail amount. This means that 10% of the bail amount needs to be paid to get the defendant out of jail. However, there are a few instances when a bail bonds company has to post the full bail amount.

Bond or bail is a monetary payment to the court in lieu of serving the defendant. This can either be the defendant or a family member such as a son, daughter, or spouse to surrender themselves at the court for trial.

How do bail bond companies work?

Bail bond agencies are private and can be found in different states. You can find them in your area by searching for “breath testing”. They charge you a 10% fee (depending on the state) for the services rendered.

Bail bond agents are a special type of police officer who works exclusively with individuals who are arrested. They are allowed by law to enter the jail (prison) with a court order. After finding your individual and presenting your legal paperwork, they will be the one that determines the amount of bail depending on the severity of the crime.

What does a bail bond agent do?

A bail bond agent must be licensed by the state in which they operate to make their living. They are hired by people who cannot post bond themselves and are compensated for their services depending on the amount of bail that they post. They take a percentage of that amount and return the remaining to the client.

How do bail bondsmen get paid?

Bail bondsmen get paid by the bail bondsman. This means that they make very little if any profit from the bail bonds business – their main source of income is the fee that they charge for taking people’s bonds. This is a flat fee.

Bondsmen get paid a percentage (usually around 2%) of the total bail amount that is posted in a local court. The bondsman will also usually charge a certain percentage for “setting bond”. This fee goes for setting bonds and for the expense of posting the bail bond in the first place. It depends on the amount of bail that needs to be posted and the type of bond.

What happens if you don’t pay bail bondsman?

It happens all the time, and it is not uncommon for a bail bondsmen to try to take your money even if you didn’t post enough for your bail fee. The bail bondsman will do his or her best to collect. It is also not uncommon for the company which issues bonds to make you pay a late fee to be refunded for a bond that was not posted. There is also a bondsman who will not even consider a deal.

You will be held for the term set by the court and your bail money will be forfeited. You can be placed on probation or home detention and more than likely a warrant for your arrest will be issued.

Let Us Provide your Hurst Bail Bond

Liberty Bail Bonds is your 24hr Hurst bail bonds company. We are competitive, yet provide modest bail bond prices. We can help if you need a Tarrant county bondsmen. Are services can be accessible via phone and we welcome walk-ins. Please don’t hesitate and call us for support asap.