Bail Bond Jail Release

Bail Bond Jail Release

If you are arrested for a questionable crime, most often you have the opportunity to request a Bail Bond Jail Release. In most cases, bail bonds are immediately and allow jail release to await your hearing at home. If you follow the rules and show up to all of your hearings, the bail process works well. But, bail has a cost that could make you wonder if staying in jail is the better choice. Unfortunately, remaining in jail to await your hearing has repercussions you may not think about. Check out our list of 4 Dangers of Remaining in Jail.

Is it likely, you will lose Your Job?

Do you have a great job you have worked hard to keep? If so, receiving a quick bail bond release might be more important for you. Whether or not you did the crime, if an employer finds out you got arrested, they may fire you. Employers can sometimes be understanding but others may feel uncomfortable keeping you because of the crime circumstances. Even if the employer does not find out about an arrest, keep in mind, you will more than likely have to take time off for court dates.

If you end up staying in jail for weeks or months before your hearing, more than likely the employer will find a replacement. Without a job, this may cause financial dilemmas and add additional stress, depression, anxiety, and anger.

What if you get sick?

Because there are a lot of people in jail and in tiny spaces, spreading disease is easy. More than likely, you will have to share a jail cell with another inmate. Having a cold is one thing, but in recent times serious illnesses like COVID-19, can sneak up on people and expose you to others in close quarters.

Being arrested oftentimes causes forms of stress, depression, and anxiety. Not only that, health impact could include nausea, ulcers, diarrhea, and acid reflux. Stress and anxiety is a real thing and important to stay healthy during stress. Insomnia and sleep disorders can disturb your immune system as well. Depending on many factors, high blood pressure, irregular heart rhythms, weight loss, weight gain, headaches, and joint pain are other possible health conditions. So the bottom line is the longer you are in jail, your health could be at risk.

What you say while detained could be incriminating

If you have been arrested before or not, most people know by TV, police will say “You have the right to remain silent”. This is more important than you think, speaking may incriminate yourself. Your case can be impacted negatively even with small inconsistencies. For example, you may mention a detail to one officer but then tell another officer something different about the situation or crime.

Information can be used against your case sometimes if you provide information that doesn’t match up. Not only this, if you remain in jail to await your hearing, anything heard from an officer in jail may be used against you. A comment to another inmate being told to an officer can get you in more trouble and might even allow the defense to call a witness for the prosecution.

You may need time and resources to build your Defense

Liberty Bail Bonds understands nobody wants to get arrested. Staying in jail to await your hearing can be a mistake for many reasons as discussed. Keep in mind, you and your attorney will be working together to create your defense. Developing a good defense involves a narrative that details your part in the crime. This will cover if you were involved, at the location of the crime, and what proof you have removed you from the scene and any participation in the crime.

Your attorney will be doing research, investigations, and talking to witnesses, and more. Being able to communicate with the attorney may be difficult when you are in jail and only have limited visitation times.

Consider an affordable bail bond jail release to get out of jail fast. For more information, contact us at Liberty Bail Bonds 24hr a day. We are located in Haltom, TX but provide different bond types to Fort Worth, Arlington, and other Tareent county areas.