Have you or your loved one got arrested or charged with a crime in Texas? If yes, it could be an unprecedented, complicated, and confusing time for you. Fortunately, there is a way out to get released by obtaining a bail bond TX. No one wants to go to jail, but too many in the United States end up being in jail due to crimes they’ve committed. According to the International Center For Prison Studies, 707 of every 100,000 people are locked up in the United States. No matter what crime or accusation you’re charged with, all you want is to get released from jail immediately. So, if you want to make a difficult time easier to cope with, you must consider using bail bond TX. At Liberty Bail Bonds, you can get bail bond services in Texas to quickly get out of jail.

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What Do You Need To Know About Bail Bond TX?

Bail is the amount an accused/arrested person pays to get released from jail. On the contrary, the bond is a promise made in cash, which the broker pays hired by the defendant. Therefore, a bail bond is a surety bond in the amount of a defendant’s bail. So, a bail bond company, bail agent, or bail bondsman helps you provide bail in exchange for collateral that releases a defendant from jail until the court date. Thus, the bail can either be personal bail or bond band. Further, if you post the bail bond, the court will release you under pending trial, and if not, you will have to remain in custody until the trial.

Further, the courts in Texas use bail to ensure that defendants are present in a future court hearing. In fact, defendants who request post-bail and miss a court date forfeit their bail money. If the case is resolved and the defendant hasn’t missed an appearance in court, the bail money will be returned. So, if you’re looking for a reliable Texas bail bond company, Liberty bail Bonds is here to help. We have professional bail bond agents who are ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Connect with us today.

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What Is the Bail Bond Process?

Once you or your loved one is charged with a crime, it’s essential to defend yourself against criminal charges and avoid a conviction whenever possible. That’s where bail bonds help alleviate the stress associated with the process. Here is the complete bail bond process to get released from jail.

  • Connect with a bail bond agent 

After being arrested by the police, the victim will be taken into custody at a police department. If you do not have money to post bail, it’s time to call a bail bond agent. You will have to share information such as the name of the person arrested, the jail they’re in, the report number, charges they’re accused of, etc.

  • The paperwork 

The bail bondsman will ask you to sign some paperwork to secure their services. Basically, it means paying an amount to the agent (a % of the total bail amount).

  • Bail set by the court 

Now the judge will determine the bail amount based on the criminal charge. For example, a person’s prior criminal convictions or criminal history.

  • Bail posting 

The bail agent will now post the bail to release you or your loved one. The defendant can pay the total amount of bail to the court if he is financially stable. Otherwise, the bail bonds company can post bail for you after you pay 10% of the full bail amount.

  • Release from jail 

An accused person may be released from jail once the bail has been posted. However, the bail process can also take from half an hour to a few hours, depending on how crowded the jail in your area is.

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What Is the Bail Bond Process?

There are different types of bail bonds available, and each has its own set of rules, regulations, laws, and purpose. So, the list of different bail bonds includes:

  • Cash bail bond 

As the term suggests, this type of bail bond is paid in cash. Getting out of jail becomes a simple task when you have enough cash to pay your bail.

  • Surety bond 

In this type of bond, the bail bond agency pays the entire bail amount. This payment is made under the legally binding assumption that the defendant will pay the total money back to the company.

  • Property bond 

In this case, the property is put in place of cash, and the court may also seize the property if the defendant fails to appear in court.

  • Immigration bail bond 

This type of bail bond is for those who have been detained for immigration reasons. The immigration bail bond is usually set at a little higher than most bail amounts due to the federal nature of the crime.

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How Do Bail Bonds Work?

Texas bail bonds are not very different from other states in America. When a person is charged with a crime, the court arrests the accused person, releases the trial date, and sets the bail amount. The defendant can either prefer to stay in custody until the day of trial or post bail. When it comes to bail, the defendant either gets cash bail or bond bail. In case a defendant fails to raise the money, they apply for a bail bond. Then, the company posts bail on the defendant’s behalf. In response to posting bail, the defendant pays the company a bail premium. The premium can be between 10 and 20 percent of the signed bond amount.

Further, the company gets the money back if the defendant makes all of their court hearing. However, the defendant doesn’t get the premium back. In case a defendant misses the court date, the company loses the money it posted. Thus, the defendant is responsible for paying the money back to the company. The company can also sue the defendant to recoup its losses. 

How Does A Court Decide The Amount Of Bail?

Every court in Texas has a “Bond Schedule” that guides magistrates and judges in accessing the amount of bail. Based on the guidelines, the court adjusts the amount of bail upward or downward based on the circumstances of a case. Here are some common factors the court considers in fixing the bail amount.

  • The severity of criminal charges, for instance, a felony, will usually carry a higher amount of bail than a misdemeanor. 
  • Defendant’s prior criminal convictions 
  • Whether the defendant may pose a risk to the community 
  • Whether the defendant may recognize it as a ‘flight risk.’

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What Happens If You Fail To Meet The Conditions Of Court?

If you’re arrested for a misdemeanor or felony in Texas, you will be given a court date to appear for your hearing. Since bail is not an unconditional release from jail, you must comply with the proper court proceedings. Regardless of whether you are released from prison on bail bond or personal bond, the court will order you to meet certain conditions in order to stay out of jail through your trials. However, if you fail to appear in court or ‘skip bail,’ the court will issue a bench warrant for your immediate arrest. Moreover, the court will also forfeit the bond you posted if you fail to appear in court. Whether you willingly miss appearing in court or not, the professional bail bondsmen at Liberty Bail Bonds will help you reschedule your court date. Just give us a call at 817-759-2663 to reschedule your court date. Or click on the link below.

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Can You Leave The State On Bond?

The court in Texas stipulates specific rules/regulations for bail. So, paying the bail amount doesn’t mean the automatic release of a defendant from jail. In fact, posting bail may entail additional restrictions and impose some crucial penalties for violating the rules. Undoubtedly, the court may also set some explicit rules against travel during your bail period. This is non-negotiable unless serious circumstances exist to justify leaving the state on the bond. The bail bondsman may also impose specific requirements for a bail bond, for example, requiring the bonded defendant to remain in-state. The bail bond agency may also take the defendant’s posted collateral. It simply means that leaving the state on the bond is impossible unless you have solid reason against the bail.

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