Bail Bonds Fort Worth

Need Bail Bonds Fort Worth, Tarrant County? Liberty Bail Bonds’ bail bondsmen walk you through the bail bonds process to get your loved one out of jail fast. 

When you need a bail bond service, you need to know you are in good hands. At Liberty Bail Bonds, our team offers the most trusted bail bonds in Fort Worth. We work hard to get your bail bond posted quickly. With over 20 years of service offered in Fort Worth and Tarrant County, we understand how the jails work and know the ins and outs of all paperwork required. 

Liberty Bail Bond employees realize this is a stressful time for you and your loved ones, and we make it our business to help you throughout the entire bail bond process, making sure you are able to get this time behind you as soon as possible. Regardless of the Tarrant County jail in which your loved one is being held, we get the paperwork completed and the money where it belongs quickly, giving your loved one as immediate jail release as possible.

The Liberty Bail Bonds Process

The bail bond process can seem pretty complicated, but it is really quite simple once it is explained, and at Liberty Bail Bond, we make sure to explain every step of the process. When searching “Bail Bonds Fort Worth” online, you will come across many bail bond servicers. How do you know you have found the right one with Liberty? Well, for starters, we have been in business for over two decades. Our professional bondsmen are highly trained and treat all clients with respect and compassion.

Nothing at Liberty Bail Bonds is kept secret from you. We explain our pricing and how payment works with our clients upfront. When signing in to our contract, each client is well aware of what they are signing and the seriousness involved in defaulting on any of the requirements of a bail bond loan. 

Once there is an understanding and agreement from all parties involved, the paperwork is started. Typically within a few hours, you can expect your loved one’s release. 

Bail Bonds Requirements Must be Followed

People’s number one mistake while out on bail is not taking court dates seriously. Being out on bail is a privilege, and some requirements must be met to maintain that privilege. If any of the bond requirements are forfeited, the bail money becomes the possession of the court, and the bail is revoked. If this occurs, the person who signed the bail bond paperwork is then legally responsible for paying back the entire loan plus the agreed-upon payment to the bail bond company. 

There is almost no excuse a court will accept for being late to or missing a court date. If a court date is missed, a warrant is created for the re-arrest of the individual on bail. At Liberty Bail Bond, we check in with our clients frequently and make sure you are aware of all court dates and responsibilities. We in no way want you to jeopardize your bail bond amount and lose that money. A bail bond, after all, is not a fine and will be returned after all conditions of the bail have been met. A bail bond is simply a financial agreement, ensuring the defendant returns to the court.

What You Need to Understand about Bail Bonds

Going through the bail bond process does not mean you are a bad person, and it is not a confession of guilt. A bail bond’s only purpose is to pay collateral to the court system, ensuring that the accused individual, or defendant, will abide by all bail requirements. The bail amount is set by a judge, not the bail bond companies. The time it takes for the judge to determine the bail bond amount adds to the time that will be required to get your loved one out of jail. 

If you are the cosigner of a bail bond, make sure you can trust the individual you are helping. Although we offer affordable bail bonds, getting stuck with the entire bill because the term of the bail is not met is something most people do not want to have happen to them. You are legally responsible for that bond when you sign a property or surety bond, and an individual forfeiture of that trust will leave the cosigner legally responsible.

Our Tarrant County location offers fast bail bonding services. Our team works with the courts to get your loved one out of jail quickly! Typically, our services will have your loved one released within 8 hours. The time required for release is actually dependent upon where they are being held and how fast the paperwork is processed. The smaller the jail, the shorter the time it takes for the release to occur. On our end, we will properly complete the necessary paperwork and get it where it is needed very quickly. 

Liberty Bail Bonds is available to assist you 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. Statistically speaking, most bail bond services are needed at night. If that is your case, feel free to contact us. If you are in Fort Worth or Tarrant County, TX, we are here to help!


Liberty Bail Bond has almost three decades of experience offering fast bail bonds Fort Worth. We are available to assist day or night, 365 days per year. Get your loved one out on bail today!