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Looking for a bail bond agent near you, Liberty Bail Bonds can assist you in your release from jail and bond amount 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Liberty Bail Bonds understands that affordable bail is a constitutional right, but is not an absolute right. Furthermore, most people cannot afford the total bail amount but can afford a small portion. When in custody, have a loved one contact a Liberty Bail Bonds bail bond agent near you. Our bail bond service can pay the full bail total amount on behalf of the defendant for a small fee.

Liberty Bail Bonds has experienced bail bonds agents who can help quickly secure the bail amount to get the defendant released from jail and back to their family quickly. Our multiple locations make finding an office near you easy. When we find out someone in the family has been arrested, we want our loved one home. Contact a bail agent for a quick release from jail after an arrest. 

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What is Bail? 

Once a crime has happened, whether it is felonies, custody disputes, or domestic violence, the suspect is under arrest, and they wait in jail until their court hearing. At the end of arraignment, the judge says, “[person’s name] has been released on $45,000 bail” or “bail denied,” depending on the severity of the crime committed. 

Bail is a set amount chosen from a bail schedule and adjusted to fit the nature of the individual and crime. Bail provides insurance between the court and the defendant that the defendant will return to court or otherwise forfeiture the payment made. Present-day bail is set so high that most people cannot afford to post bail. Instead, loved ones seek help from a bail agent or bail bond service company like Liberty Bail Bonds. Agents will post the total bail for just a small fee. Bail bonds work. 

What is a Bail Bond?

There are two types of bail bonds, criminal and civil. Bail bonds are surety bonds provided by a bail bondsman or bail bond service company. To quickly secure the release of an individual from jail, it is best to contact an agency and get a bail bond. Most bail bonds can be posted 24 hours, seven days a week.

A criminal bail bond is used in a criminal case and guarantees the charged individual appears for future court proceedings when called upon by the court. It also guarantees the individual to pay any fines or face any penalties that the court decides. A civil bail bond is used for civil cases and guarantees the payment of debt, interest, costs, and other assessed against the charged individual.

Who is a Bail Bond Agent?

A bail agent, otherwise known as a bail bondsman, is someone who provides the bail amount for a person charged with a crime or crimes who does not have the cash or credit needed to pay the full bail with the court. The bail agent provides the payment to the court. The individual charged with the crime is given contracts to sign by the bail agent stating the individual will appear in the courts. This agreement is what makes bail bonds work.

However, a bail agent does more than just post bail amounts. They remind the clients of their court appearances, any important upcoming dates, reminders for the defendants to stay honest. If a defendant fails to show in court, the bail bond agent will lose the amount paid towards the individual’s bail. 

The probability that a defendant fails to show is rated at risk levels by the agency, from low risk to high risk. Each risk level receives its check-in protocol to avoid the agency losing the full bail amount to the courts. 

How Does Bail Work? 

After arraignment, a judge sets a bail amount. Most people cannot pay the bail balance without help from a bail service. The defendant’s family must pay a small portion of the bail, usually 10% of the total amount, to receive help with bail.

The bail agent will quickly secure the rest of the bail with cash payment collateral or by setting up payment options. It is common for cash payment plus collateral to be acquired before posting bail. A contract is also standard between the agency and the defendant to appear in court after being released, follow the judge’s guidelines, and follow up on check-ins.

Bail Bonds Near me

Liberty Bail Bonds has multiple locations in the Tarrant County, Arlington, Fort Worth, and Burleson area. The four locations are Arlington, Euless, Fort Worth, and Hurst. Each of these locations is 24 hours, 7 days a week, offering excellent customer service and over 20 years of experience. The main office is in Haltom City, Texas, but Liberty Bail Bonds provides services within the Tarrant County Jail jurisdiction. 

We work fast to achieve immediate jail release and work with the family to help them understand all aspects of the bail bond process. Having a loved one arrested is challenging, but our offices and agents can guide you through the process. If you require our services or want additional information for a free consultation, call (817)759-2663, fill out an online form or visit us in person at an office near you. 

Liberty Bail Bonds offices are open 24/7, 7 days a week. We offer services near Fort Worth, Arlington, and more! Our clients being released from jail quickly and returning home is our number one priority. It is stressful for families. Let the professionals get the bail bond posted quickly.  

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