Searching for bail bonds Tarrant County, Arlington, Fort Worth, Burleson may be the first thing you do after you find out a loved one has been arrested. According to the Tarrant County, Arlington, Fort Worth, Burleson Police Department, over 107,000 crimes were committed in the city of Tarrant County, Arlington, Fort Worth, Burleson in 2022. The number of families affected by these arrests is astronomical. What would you do if this affected your family? This can be a tumultuous and emotional time. Getting your loved one home as soon as possible would be at the top of your priority list. Liberty Bail Bonds understands the frustration and confusion that can come from not knowing where to begin or what is happening.

One of the best things you can do for your family member is to become educated on some of the more common criminal justice system terms. This will allow you to understand the process your loved one is going through and how you can best help them through that journey. In the following article, you will find several common terms, as they pertain to bail, that should get you up to speed quickly.

Consequence Terms

Arrest – An “arrest” is when a person or persons are taken into custody due to a crime that may or may not has been committed.

Defendant – A “defendant” is a person that is being accused of committing a crime. This is the person who will go through the process of an arraignment (see below).

Felony – a major criminal offense, in which bail is typically set very high.

Incarceration – when a person is confined in prison.

Misdemeanor – a criminal offense; less severe than a felony. Consequences of a “misdemeanor” are lesser sentences than a felony and may be resolved with community service or a fine.

Warrant – A writ from a judge, permitting law enforcement to take a specific action. Actions include an arrest, seizing property, or searching a location.

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Process Terms

Affidavit – a written statement or oath used in court, with facts of the case.

Arraignment – a defendant’s initial appearance in court, in which charges are read and a defendant makes a plea (see below).

Criminal History – a record of a person’s individual criminal history, which can be used as a factor in a judge’s determination of bail.

Exoneration – “exoneration” is when a person is cleared of the crime(s) of which they were accused.

Forfeiture – “forfeiture” occurs when a defendant does not show up to a court date, and the bail bondsman is responsible for paying the entirety of the bail bond face amount.

Plea – defendants make a “plea” of guilty, not guilty, or nolo contendere (accepts conviction but does not plead guilty) to the charges accused of them at an arraignment (see above).

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Bail Terms

Bail – “Bail” is the amount of money that may be set by a judge, that needs to be paid before a person can be released from jail to await trial. Judges consider many factors (ex. criminal history, see above), and typically the bail amount will increase as the severity of the crime increases.

Bail Bonds – “bail bonds” are a written agreement between bail bondsmen and defendants that the defendant will appear in court or the bail bondsman must pay the full amount of bail or forfeit given collateral.

Bail Bondsman – a person who provides bail for a defendant who does not have the means to pay for themself.

Bounty Hunter – a private agent working for bail bondsmen. They capture criminals or fugitives for a fee or “bounty”.

Collateral – anything that the defendant offers as payment to a bail bondsman to guarantee they are paid in full.

Indemnitor – A person that acts as a co-signer for a defendant’s bail bond. They are promising to take on the responsibility of paying a fixed amount, should the defendant not appear in court.

Surety – Any person who takes responsibility for the defendant appearing in court. Bail bondsmen act as a surety when a bail bond is signed.

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The bail process can be overwhelming for family members to understand and begin. The whole process can feel like a whirlwind. Not knowing what to do or how to navigate the judicial system can be unnecessarily overly stressful. Our team is here to help. Available 24/7, 365 days per year, you can count on us to make your bad day a bit more tolerable. It can be helpful to take the time to read and understand the terms above. Should you feel you have more questions than answers, contacting a bail bonds office, such as Liberty Bail Bonds can help.

Liberty Bail Bonds is focused on your family’s needs. It is our mission to get your family member out of jail as quickly as possible, answer any questions you may have, and notify our clients of upcoming court dates. We take the time to get to know our clients, review their information and provide a payment plan if applicable. Most importantly, our office will treat you and your family members with dignity and respect in this time of uncertainty. We keep in contact with our clients, ensuring they understand the requirements of their bail. For any of your Tarrant County, Arlington, Fort Worth, Burleson county bail bonds needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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If a family member should ever find themselves in a Tarrant County, Arlington, Fort Worth, Burleson County Jail, calling the Liberty Bail Bonds office can be a great step in the right direction to getting them out of jail fast. Our licensed bail agents are available 24/7 to offer the best service and best bail bonds we can for your situation. Stay out of Tarrant County, Arlington, Fort Worth, Burleson county jail with the help of our bail bond agency.