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Liberty Bail Bonds prides itself on its quality service and having bail bond agents that you can rely on for immediate release. If you have faced trouble with law enforcement in the Fort Worth and Tarrant County, Arlington, Fort Worth, and Burleson areas, do not hesitate to make Liberty Bail Bonds your first call. We are ready to help at any time, our agents are here to serve you. Our offices are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. As a company, we strive to get our clients out of jail as soon as possible so they can spend time with their families and focus on their wellbeing. 

Liberty Bail Bonds offers no-obligation consultation over the phone or in person. Reaching out to a local bail bond company opens the door for several advantages. As citizens of the United States, we have basic rights in our country that can be overlooked. Regardless of a person’s status, gender, or location, these rights should be a constant. The right we focus on for you is helping you to acquire bail when you’ve been accused of a crime and jailed. We want to ensure that you are not taken advantage of.

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Call Liberty Bail Bonds First

Once you’ve been arrested in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Arlington, Fort Worth, and Burleson
, and the surrounding area, you may be wondering who you call first? A lawyer or a call to secure bail. Most people believe that they should contact a defense attorney, but it benefits the inmate more to reach out to Liberty Bail Bonds. Our office is open 24/7, and we always answer the phone. Before deciding if you want to take the next step, we can assist in answering some of your immediate questions about the bail bond process along with the legal process you’ll be facing. We are experts in the law system with over two decades of experience working directly with Tarrant County.  

A lawyer cannot guarantee your immediate release, but we can guarantee we will work tirelessly to get you out as soon as humanly possible. When released from jail, you’ll be able to tackle the upcoming legal process with a better mindset. In addition to a quick jail release, you will benefit from other advantages that lawyers cannot promise such as pone check-ins and reminders of upcoming trial dates. 

Bail Bonds Help Your Wellbeing

Being in a cell is hard on mental health and can make persevering through this hard time even more difficult. When you are allowed your phone call, call Liberty Bail Bonds or find someone who can so we can help you with an immediate release. The system relies on individuals being broken down and just wanting to leave no matter the cost–the prosecutor relies on a guilty plea.

Usually, a prosecutor will say that you are free to go home if you admit to the crime and accept their deal. However, that is not freedom, that is manipulation. You may not have even committed the crime, nor did you receive a fair trial to prove your guilt or innocence. The prosecutors make sure to ask for this deal before you have even had a chance to consult with a lawyer, family, or even a bondsman. Unfortunately, most people take the deal. We are here to tell you not to because that record will follow you.

Liberty Bail Bond can help you avoid that plea bargain and get you home for only 10 percent of the cost of bail. If you do not have the funds or assets to cover bail even the 10 percent we ask for, payment plans and credit cards are accepted at Liberty Bail Bonds. We know that waiting in a holding cell can be detrimental and we just want to get you home. 

Factors That Affect Bail

After being arrested and processed the accused individual will receive a court date along with the bail amount according to the bail schedule and the judge. If you or someone you know has recently been arrested, working with a bail bondsman is a good idea for immediate release. Local agents will provide the amount of money you need, but how is that amount determined? First and most often, the jail follows the bail schedule, however, there are other factors that can affect the bail amount. 

  • Potential flight risk–the judge will examine whether you are a flight risk or not. If you are a person who may run away or was arrested while on the run, you will be declared a flight risk. As a flight risk, your passport is taken away and you will be charged a higher bail or refused bail.
  • Public safety risk–the judge considers you dangerous to yourself and/or others. This makes you a liability and your bail is increased.
  • Flake–the judge has noticed your track record of missing court dates. If this is the case, your bail amount will be set very high to keep you in the cell to ensure you won’t miss any court dates
  • Community connections–the defendant has strong ties to the community, chances of fleeing are lower due to the connection. Bail will be set appropriately assuming everything is handled well.
  • Past records–the judge sees you as a liability, in this situation bail is often denied or almost unaffordable.
  • Degree of crime–the more serious the crime, the higher (if any) the defendant will have to pay more. In these situations, a bail bondsman is your best option for resolution and receiving bail.

Do you need assistance with posting bail?

Liberty Bail Bonds offices are open 24/7, 7 days a week. We offer bail bond process services throughout the Fort Worth and Tarrant County area. Our number one priority is our clients being released from jail quickly and returning home. Feel free to contact our Fort Worth office by phone or online to speak with our bail bondsmen and get a free consultation.