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If you need Tarrant County, Arlington, Fort Worth, Burleson Bail Bonds, you’ve come to the right place! You’re sound asleep, resting from the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and the phone rings. You spring up to answer it and hear that your family member or loved one has been taken into custody. Your head spins out of control. What should you do? Where do you begin? Who do you call? Ultimately, how do you get them out of jail and home as fast as possible? You are not alone. In Tarrant County, Arlington, Fort Worth, Burleson, there are 31 jails and prisons, serving a population of over 2.5 million people. Jails are overcrowded with prisoners, and most defendants could be awaiting trial from the comfort of their own homes. For nearly a quarter of a century, Liberty Bonds has worked diligently to ensure that your arrested loved ones get out of jail quickly.

When you are faced with an alarming situation such as this, there are a few things you need to consider and be aware of when it comes to Tarrant County, Arlington, Fort Worth, Burleson Bail Bonds. It is imperative that you choose to speak with bail bond agents who are licensed and knowledgeable in bail bonds, help you complete paperwork quickly, and attend to your specific bail needs. Liberty Bonds is a bail bond agency that offers expertise in the bail process, competitive pricing, free consultation, and guidance in navigating and avoiding pretrial detention and outstanding warrants.

From Phone Call to Posting Bail

So you’ve got a phone call you never thought you would. What should you expect now? If you are not familiar with the criminal justice system, the following is a description of what you can expect. When a person is arrested, they are detained until they are able to attend an arraignment. It is at the arraignment that charges against the accused are read and bail is set by the judge. Bail is set based on the severity of the crime and circumstances. It is important to note that bail bondsmen do not set the amount of bail for their clients. Unfortunately, financial hardships are more prevalent and it may be difficult to pay the entirety of bail on your own.

A judge sets a bail bond amount for the defendant in court, based on the defendant’s criminal history, current charges, potential flight risk, violent crimes, and track record. Once a bail bondsman can become part of the process of getting your loved one released, we work diligently to get the job done fast! We offer many answers to frequently asked questions on our website, or our best service is only a call away at (817) 759-2663. 

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Types of Bail Bonds

An arrest can be an untimely and inconvenient consequence for everyone involved. You have several options when it comes to helping your family member return to home sweet home. The first option is to pay the bond entirely yourself. While this may be a solution for some, it is not always an option for everyone. The set bail amount varies based on several factors and could be an unattainable amount. The second option would be to choose one of the following types of bonds: surety bonds or property bonds. Surety bonds are bonds that are paid entirely by a company with a promise from the responsible party to make payments. Property bonds are bonds in which the accused uses their own property or assets to pay their bail. Trying to decide which option is best for you can be difficult and confusing. Reach out to an agent to learn more about how bail bonds work and to get all your questions answered.

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What we, at Liberty Tarrant County, Arlington, Fort Worth, Burleson Bail Bonds, Offer Our Clients

We believe that our clients are innocent until proven guilty and therefore should be treated with the utmost respect and integrity. With that in mind, we will walk you through the entire bail bond process. We offer expertise. We will assess each situation and the circumstances involving them individually to determine how we may help get your loved one home as soon as possible. We offer guidance: Though we typically offer surety bonds, we are able to offer you guidance should this not be suitable to your needs. We also help clients navigate through the process of active warrants, felony bail bonds, immigration bail bonds, and misdemeanor bail bonds. Above all, we offer efficiency. While release time depends on the holding center, our paperwork to qualify for a bail bond typically takes 15-30 minutes. We will process it in a timely manner to speed the process along. Once the agreement is made and the responsible party co-signs, an agent delivers the bond to the jail. While we are not in control of how long the jail takes to process the paperwork, we assure you that we will have the paperwork to them as quickly as possible.

We offer free consultation and competitive prices: attaining information and prices should not add stress to an already overwhelming situation. Most folks think they can not afford the total bail amount to post-bond. We also offer flexible terms and conditions, payment options, and even a payment plan ready to fit your needs! To avoid time spent in Tarrant County, Arlington, Fort Worth, Burleson jail, and secure jail release for your loved one, contact a bail bond company that will post bail around the clock: you can call us any time. We are here for you, 24/7, to get your loved one out of jail fast!

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Liberty Bail Bonds is an exceptional bail bond company that serves over 30 cities in and around Tarrant County, Arlington, Fort Worth, Burleson in convenient locations. With a wealth of information, efficient work ethic, attention to client’s needs, and guidance throughout the bail bond process, Liberty is an excellent choice for helping your incarcerated loved ones in Tarrant County, Arlington, Fort Worth, Burleson County. Put your mind at ease and speak to a bail bondsman today!